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The children are given every opportunity to learn and develop their written and oral language skills. The goal of our science program is to provide every opportunity for our children to discover and explore the universe. Children learn about wind, weather, animals, birds, bugs, leaves, rocks, seashells and more.

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Children at all ages discover the world through science. Each age group has the chance to see, touch and experience the world through special science experiments.

Three Ways You Can Prepare Your Children for the Temple

For example, we will use microscopes, magnifying glasses and other age-appropriate scientific tools. When the children complete their education at the WELC, they will have a foundation and an appreciation for the wonders and beauty of our universe. Music, drama and art are integral parts of the WELC program, both as individual subjects and as tools for learning math, science, reading and Jewish studies.

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  • Children are exposed to various art mediums, many types of music and instruments, and role-playing experiences within the classroom. The goal of our Jewish studies curriculum is to give our students a solid foundation in Jewish life, language and ritual.

    WELC Curriculum

    Judaism gives us a language and framework to teach values, morals, ethics, basic concepts about the world, and how to get along with and treat others. We have a beautiful tradition steeped in social justice, kindness and respect for animals, and people and the environment. Basic information about the holidays, Sabbath, Torah stories and Israeli culture are taught through songs, stories, art, and role-plays.

    We teach basic Jewish concepts in a fun, informative and interactive way.

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    We have weekly Shabbat celebrations with our Temple clergy that foster a sense of connection and love for The Temple and the greater Jewish community. Fri, September 27 27 Elul Find out more about ShulCloud. Powered By ShulCloud Login. Donate join.

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    Hartman Rabbi Steven H. Jacobson Elizabeth C. Math The goal of our math program is to teach that numbers stand for, represent and correlate with concrete objects. Literacy The goal of our literacy reading and writing program is to create lifelong readers who love stories and see the beauty and magic in the written and spoken word.

    Philosophy and Mission

    Science The goal of our science program is to provide every opportunity for our children to discover and explore the universe. Jewish Studies The goal of our Jewish studies curriculum is to give our students a solid foundation in Jewish life, language and ritual. Share on.

    The present canvas remained unpublished until the s. The work was correctly attributed in the sale catalogue, where it formed a pair with a Presentation of the Virgin now considered to be by Pietro Faccini ca.

    Children Gazing at the Temple

    Attempts have been made to identify the present canvas as the one recorded among the possessions of the Ludovisi family, but this has not been proved as the description of the painting in the inventory is too imprecise. The present canvas entered the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection in The passage in question mentions the principal figures depicted here in the foreground.

    These figures are Simeon, the old man with his head covered who leans forward to receive the Christ Child in his arms and who would not die until he had set eyes on the Saviour, as the Holy Spirit had told him; Anne, holding a stone tablet with the words of Simeon; and the Holy Family.

    Following the Gospel account, the scene takes place on the steps that lead into the temple and Carracci remains close to the biblical text. Various works from this period have been compared to the present canvas.

    How to Talk to Children About Temple Covenants After a Divorce

    They include The Birth of the Virgin ca. Secondly, The Birth of Saint John the Baptist in the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna, has a similar figure of the Virgin, while in general the folds of the drapery and the manner in which it falls is similar in both works, and the figure of Saint Elizabeth in the Bologna canvas is comparable to that of the Prophetess Anna in this work. Mar Borobia.