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What they do is disguise themselves in sheep's clothing as father figures, the girls go for it, and the tragedy begins.

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The scheme works because these young girls are hungering for a loving father. The impact is not just limited to at risk youth, there are professional people living in suburbs who are considered great successes in life, whose souls ooze the blood of a father wound every day. I remember talking to a well-respected doctor in our city. He explained how his drive to overachieve was fueled by never receiving affirmation from his father.

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Our two minute greeting turned into an hour and half conversation, full of tears and sobs in between. The impact of fatherlessness affects divorce rates, emotional development in youth and adolescences, health care, education, graduation rates, social integration, relationship building, and crime. Though it is not the sole contributing factor to all of our social ills, it is a big player. In my book, Church for the Fatherless , I have a section on preaching that deals with how to address the issue with your congregation. I'm aware of the fact that every Sunday people who are impacted by fatherlessness are in our pews.

I try to bring the hope of Christ to fathers and the fatherless. Whenever I preach on this topic, I try to accomplish three goals:.

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It helps the reader grasp the historical and cultural shifts that have occurred in our society that have given rise to fatherlessness. The book will help the reader to understand the enormity of the problem.

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But most importantly, it was essential for me to include a biblical study of fatherlessness in order to understand the biblical message, mandate, and methodology for addressing the issue. I believe this will be very helpful to pastors in their preaching, teaching, and counseling. The book is filled with easy and achievable strategies that the church or an individual can use to minister to the fatherless in their community. I don't set forth a full fledge program, but I share practical ways you and your church can make a difference. As a pastor, I'm more than aware of the fact that we don't need another ounce of anything added to our already full plates.

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Meridith Foster on September 28, How do you trust God when your dream for your future is tragically taken away not once, but twice? Meridith Foster on August 17, He has been instrumental in bridging the gap that exists between these two communities, often being called upon by judges, police, and community officials to help bring understanding and healing in difficult situations In , the Mayor of Portland called local pastors together to address the escalating violence in the Portland area.

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It gave me confidence and a desire to follow in his footsteps. Discipline and correction are part of teaching. When a father provides correction, his motivation must be love and his guide the Holy Spirit:. Discipline in the divine pattern is not so much about punishing as it is about helping a loved one along the path of self-mastery.

In the words of King Benjamin:.

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  7. We recognize the agony of men who are unable to find ways and means adequately to sustain their families. There is no shame for those who, at a given moment, despite their best efforts, cannot fulfill all the duties and functions of fathers. Extended families should lend support when needed. This reaffirms and strengthens the marriage that is the foundation of their family life and security. Some men are single fathers, foster fathers, or stepfathers. Many of them strive mightily and do their very best in an often difficult role.

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    We honor those who do all that can be done in love, patience, and self-sacrifice to meet individual and family needs. Some may have fathers who are physically present but emotionally absent or in other ways inattentive or nonsupportive. We call on all fathers to do better and to be better.

    To children whose family situation is troubled, we say, you yourself are no less for that. He can help you, directly and through others, to deal with what you face.

    The Problem - Fatherlessness

    You can become the generation, perhaps the first in your family, where the divine patterns that God has ordained for families truly take shape and bless all the generations after you. To young men, recognizing the role you will have as provider and protector, we say, prepare now by being diligent in school and planning for postsecondary training.

    Education, whether in a university, technical school, apprenticeship, or similar program, is key to developing the skills and capabilities you will need. Take advantage of opportunities to associate with people of all ages, including children, and learn how to establish healthy and rewarding relationships.

    That typically means talking face to face with people and sometimes doing things together, not just perfecting your texting skills. Live your life so that as a man you will bring purity to your marriage and to your children. To all the rising generation, we say, wherever you rank your own father on the scale of good-better-best and I predict that ranking will go higher as you grow older and wiser , make up your mind to honor him and your mother by your own life.