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There are also 2 implementation weeks built in to give you extra time to absorb the info. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Simple as that. Because I stand behind the value of this program, I want to sledgehammer any hesitations or concerns you may be having and make it easy for you to say yes to this opportunity.

All rights reserved. Because self-worth doesnt have a size. Learn More. Go on a beach vacation, rocking a bikini, because who cares!? Skip the gym to watch The Bachelor and eat Oreos because maybe you just need some couch time.

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You already ARE that fiery, untamed woman you want to be. You just need to fan the flames and You, On Fire can show you how. Nothing you do is ever good enough. If this sounds like you, it is not your fault! And this is exactly why I created You, On Fire. The ugly person inside of me has been purged. This process has been transformational.

Think Yourself Thin

Quit Hating Your Body. Reframe Self-care. Accept Yourself In Pictures. The class took me on a journey towards a life of really living in and loving my body.

I feel freaking awesome! Summer is a great coach who helps you get unstuck. Pre-Show Prep Tutorial Instant access to your first tutorial with 6 Mini-Missions to implement in your life right now to stick it to the haters including the one inside your head.

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I feel like I have been reborn and know that my future is one of promise, hope, and success. I learned so much more about myself than I ever could have imagined. Only 10 Spots Available!

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You, On Fire is a one-of-a-kind experience, like nothing else out there. Get a sneak peek at what we cover each week:. Blowing up Body Myths How diet and health culture has manipulated your beliefs and how you can buck the system and start believing you are good enough right now. Simple ways to step into your untamed self when fear is paralyzing you and keeping you stuck on the sidelines.

Let go of external validation, criticism and judgment, so you can start finding your fire from within and stop letting other people dictate how you live your life. Identifying your personal values, so you can find more fire, pleasure and passion in your life. Luscious self-care missions that are better than chocolate and sex or maybe we combine them? How to feel the feels without losing your mind or distracting yourself with self-destructive behaviors. Redefine your relationship to health so that you see it as holistic and multidimensional.

Life Beyond the Scale Discover what lights your soul on fire, so you can pursue what will truly fulfill you. Before I started this program I was so focused on losing weight that I was putting everything in my life off until I was thinner. Take an inside out approach to loving your body. Forgive yourself and others for all the negativity of your past.

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Show up as your uncool, imperfect self, so you can stop hiding behind the numbers. Accept that all bodies are good bodies — yours included! Be MORE than your jean size. See self-care, gratitude, play, and living with purpose as the foundations of self-worth. OWN your shit though. And be unapologetically you. This is a total body image makeover, so you can feel like a rockstar in your body. This program is not about what you eat or how you eat. Because really, your body image issues have nothing to do with the number on the scale and everything to do with your mindset.

You have an eating disorder or are looking for therapy. If you have an eating disorder, you need to work with an eating disorder specialist.


Think Yourself Thin | Marisa Peer Hypnotherapy | Weight Loss

Phil stuff. I have the utmost confidence that your untamed self will rise to the surface. Use Twitter to network. Earlier in my career, I reached out a high-level executive of a company I was interested in. He was hosting an AMA session on Twitter. I asked him for advice about how to get hired for his company, and not only did he reply with some helpful tips, he also connected me with specific people at the company about an open position. But you probably have some idea about how to move in the right direction.

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Take those steps. Recognize the opportunity at hand. The Internet has fundamentally changed everything. Previously, knowledge was locked away in the minds of industry experts and in the pages of books that you needed to buy or check out from a library. This is essential to becoming the best version of yourself. Write on Medium. Translating your thoughts into written narratives pushes you to think about the ideas in your head at a much deeper level. Think about the last time you ran on a treadmill. In turn, this made it far more difficult to run far.

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  8. But what if you took the opposite approach? You plugged in your headphones, lost yourself in the music, and took it one stride at a time….

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    If you did this, you probably discovered that you enjoyed the run and made it pretty far. Counting hours just slows you down from reaching your goal. Accept help from other people. Most successful people needed help along the way, too. Related from Quora : Which influential person, alive or dead, should I study thoughts, dialogue, habits, ect. Launch a personal website. Maintaining an online presence of yourself pushes you to become the best possible version of you.

    Write answers on Quora. Quora is an amazing place to help and inspire people at scale. Ignore the social media scoreboard.

    Like a computer. Unlike any computer.

    People depict an extremely exaggerated version of life on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social platforms. We only share the good things, not the bad. Celebrate the small wins. Embrace failure.