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Getting paid can be a job in and of itself.

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Demanding more money is the first step toward getting more money, which is why you have a job in the first place, right? According to that site the average U. So let's go over the basics.

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Newcomers to the job world may not realize that hiring parties are prepared and often expecting you to negotiate with them. While you may want to avoid being the first person to mention money, when it comes up—and it will come up—consider their number a starting offer.

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The trick to negotiating a higher salary is to simply ask. The secret to successful negotiation comes straight out of the Scout handbook: Be prepared. Salemi also recommends having open conversations about salary. J K L leverage: Debt in relation to equity; a highly-leveraged company is one with a high proportion of long-term debt.

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Limited Liability Company or LLC: A relatively new form of corporate structure which combines some of the advantages of the "S" Corporation in terms of pass-through of income and losses avoiding double taxation, with some advantages of a "C" Corporation which allows greater latitude in who can be an owner. Proceeds go to pay creditors, and any balance is then distributed to shareholders.

M N O operating expenses: Day-to-day expenses of running a business, from payroll to rent to supplies and marketing. P partnership: Legal relationship of two or more individuals to run a company.

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Together with a balance sheet, it makes up a company's financial statement. Sometimes called an income statement. Q R receivables: Money owed for goods or services already rendered. ROE: return on equity. Often used as an alternative to traditional financing if the cost of leasing is lower than paying prevailing interest rates. Securities and Exchange Commission: Federal agency made up of five commissioners whose job is to promote full disclosure by publicly traded companies and to protect the public against wrongdoing in the securities industry.

MONEY SPELL: Turn SALT Into DOLLARS By Saying These 7 MAGIC WORDS... (Incredible Abundance)

Securites issues must be registered with the SEC, which also supervises all national securities exchanges. More clues you might be interested in skill furious filled to excess wizard Marine horizontal stabiliser series incorporate warning legal wrong narrow-minded illness destroyed angle incapability autonomy theatrical makeup tangible naive penmanship bitter criticism praise hole wield gambol cheeky musician mooch muscle bitterness.

Money-making activity 6. FICA tax payer 6. One who receives a wage 6.

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W-2 form recipient 6. Person of interest to the I. One with a wage 6.