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Reading before bed gives you and your baby a chance to cuddle and connect. It also sets a routine that will help calm your baby.

Reading Books to Babies

It's also good to read at other points in the day. Choose times when your baby is dry, fed, and alert. Books also come in handy when you're stuck waiting, so have some in the diaper bag to fill time sitting at the doctor's office or standing in line at the grocery store.

Active Vs. Passive Readers

Books for babies should have simple, repetitive, and familiar text and clear pictures. During the first few months of life, your child just likes to hear your voice.

So you can read almost anything, especially books with a sing-song or rhyming text. As your baby gets more interested in looking at things, choose books with simple pictures against solid backgrounds. As your baby begins to grab, you can read vinyl or cloth books that have faces, bright colors, and shapes. When your baby begins to respond to what's inside the books, add board books with pictures of babies or familiar objects like toys. When your baby starts to do things like sit up in the bathtub or eat finger foods, find simple stories about daily routines like bedtime or bathtime.

When your child starts talking, choose books that let babies repeat simple words or phrases. Books with mirrors and different textures crinkly, soft, scratchy are also great for this age group. So are fold-out books you can prop up, or books with flaps that open for a surprise.

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Board books make page turning easier for infants, and vinyl or cloth books can go everywhere — even the tub. Babies of any age like photo albums with pictures of people they know and love.

Who reads A Byte of Python?

And babies love nursery rhymes! One of the best ways to make sure that your little one grows up to be a reader is to have books around your house. When your baby is old enough to crawl over to a basket of toys and pick one out, make sure some books are in the mix. Besides the books you own, you also can borrow from the library.

This was fresh in my mind because I had shared the story with my young cast. This was great! People bought it and read it. They liked it. But I knew there was more to come. A friendship developed for a time.


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But what if that had become something more? The seed was planted for book number two.

The best thing about writing? Many of my characters turn to music to deal with the challenges they have to face.

Reading 2 Letter Words - 3 Letter Words - 4 Letter Words - 5 Letter Words - Learn English

The characters I create become very real to me, and consequently, to my readers. My protagonist is a musician imagine that! For the very first time, I am creating , producing something new with my talent and imagination. The research is immensely gratifying.

Everything I Knew About Reading Was Wrong - By Johnny

Augusta McKee lives, performs, teaches — and sleuths — in that lovely city in the s, a time when I lived there as well. Music continues to be a vital part of my life. My one non-fiction book is a memoir of some of the 80 productions I directed over a period of more than 30 years high school and community theatre productions. Book number four is in the works.