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Think about the movie you just saw.

Who influenced that? What work does it resemble? Have a drink, have some popcorn, and take a minute to think about how a guy born in some corner of England in wrote a story that some director turned into a movie about zombies. View all posts by The EckleBlog. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. There are several scenes that happen in both tales. There is a standoff between the two Ps and the two Ms.

Shakespearean zombies

There is a balcony scene between the two Rs and Js. There is a suicide scene in both tales. The standoff occurs at different points in these two tales. In Romeo and Juliet , the standoff is at the very end.

Romeo kills Paris. The standoff in this tale actually happens towards the beginning. R kills Perry. This happens in both tales. The two Rs steal the two Ms girls. Yes, that famous balcony scene exists in both tales.

NOVEL: Romeo & Juliet Vs. Zombies

In both tales we find Rs below balconies trying to call up to their beloved Js. Romeo comes to tell Juliet that he loves her. R comes to tell Julie that he misses her and maybe also that bonies want to kill everyone. I have no idea who they symbolize in terms of Romeo and Juliet.

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The Js are spoiled ok? I never had a balcony for men to profess their love for me under when I was growing up, not that any men would have been doing that. There probably would have just been some howling dogs or something down there. Both Rs are at their most eloquent moments. R has learned more speech, or rather remembered more speech. He comes to Julie and speaks in complete sentences. Romeo spouts of a bunch of crap about how Juliet is like the morning sun.

For the record, I have never heard a teenager talk like that. Now, the suicide scene. They kill themselves over puppy love. One chooses a dagger and the other poison.

Zombie romcom puts Shakespeare on screen

Both of them! There are some eloquent words involved in their deaths. They both decide they cannot live without the other. There is no way. You may be asking how there is a suicide scene if the characters live? Well let me explain…at one point, Julie and R are running away from all the people with guns. They end up on a high wall. They decide to jump. They will not be separated.

R uses his half-dead body as a cushion for Julie. They jump off a wall that is like ten stories tall. They should be dead. Their act implies death. Anybody else would be dead, but Rs half dead body made it possible for both of them to live, well, sort of, for R. Now after the two Rs and two Js commit suicide, sort of, the feuding families make up. They decide to work together to rebuild what they torn down with their feud.

The Capulets and Montagues decide to be buddies. The zombies and the people decide to try and help each other live. This post took a lot of effort, but I think it was worth it. Isaac Marion basically re-wrote Romeo and Juliet with zombies. He re-wrote what some people consider to be the greatest love story of all time. He put a spin on it that would appeal to our youngsters these days. Zombies are pervading our society, not actually pervading it, but in our media, zombies are everywhere. There's way too much to write in this tiny space, but let's be short about this.

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