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Susan Lutz served as a counselor at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation in Glenside, Pennsylvania, for over fifteen years.

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Her parents passed away. He has written over twenty books, including One Minute After You Die , and is the featured speaker on three radio programs heard on Christian stations nationwide. He experienced the loss of his granddaughter, who was stillborn.

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Elias Moitinho is the director of clinical training and an associate professor of counseling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He has years of experience serving as a pastor, counselor, professor, and the director of a Christian counseling center. His dad died of cancer. Janet Paschal is a Christian singer and songwriter. She has received Grammy nominations, is a conference speaker, and has been a guest on Christian radio and television talk shows.

Janet experienced the loss of her grandfather. Lorraine currently resides in Mexico, where she ministers to young people and those who have experienced the death of a loved one. Her mother and stepmother both died in car accidents. He has been counseling for over thirty years and has authored books, articles, and booklets, including Healing after Abortion and Facing Death with Hope: Living for What Lasts. Lois Rabey is a speaker and writer. Lois lost her husband in a hot-air balloon ride accident. Robert C.

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Roberts is a distinguished professor of ethics at Baylor University and received his Ph. He is the author of several articles and books, including Spiritual Emotions. Joyce Rogers , widow of Dr. Adrian Rogers, is a speaker and Bible teacher. He teaches regularly at the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College in Louisville, Kentucky, and has been in ministry for over three decades.

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His father passed away. He experienced the death of his father. He is a professor of pastoral life and care at Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, Texas. Tripp experienced the death of his father. He experienced the sudden death of his father. Edward T. His parents passed away. He currently serves as the executive vice president of organizational relations for the YMCA of the Triangle and as a board member for Carver Bible College.

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James experienced the loss of his parents. Norman Wright is a grief therapist and certified trauma specialist. He is the author of over seventy books, including Experiencing Grief and Recovering from Losses in Life. Faith in God decreases the fear of winds and storms. The only fear of God I have is reverent fear.

Just finished up the Beth Moore Entrusted study…bought this book, can these videos be left up longer? Possibly until Sept 15? Anchors are things that weigh us down and keep us from becoming effective Christians. We can make God our anchor before the storm hits by trusting Him and obeying His Word. It is also important to study His Word in a community of believers. I think I tend to be afraid during storms and I have to get control of my emotions and pray and remember Who my God is. I try and remember His characteristics and that calms me so I can bring my focus back to Him.

I knew that but I was so distraught that I think I needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ryan still belonged to God. My oldest son, Ryan was involved in drugs and I was very frightened for Him. My husband and I, and especially Ryan had a rough time but God was always there. For me, I had to learn to trust God with my most precious — my children.

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You see, I thought I trusted Him but I failed the test. I was such a fool. But He was very merciful and patient with me. I am happy to report Ryan is happily married, drug free and Eric has gone to his reward.

Life is hard but Jesus makes it all worthwhile. I have always loved the story of Jonah.

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Obey God and just be done with it! I think that we can tell what our current anchors are by the certain things we hang on to and hope for. Especially during our storms it is then that shows what our anchors are by what we turn to in and what has had our attention before that storm and was it God. To make God our anchor we need to have hope and know His steadfast love for us.

We need to concentrate on His word and prayer. I know for me a big thing that works is Bible Study and that fellowship of being around a bunch of women who have the same faith and love for God as I do. In my life right now I would say I have the fear of God. I trust in Him and know that He is always looking out for me and I go through the storms I go through for a reason and God will get me through them because he has before and still does. My faith is so strong and I think it continues to grow everyday the closer my relationship becomes with him. Yes, when my husband and I are arguing or fighting and my mind wants to give up or go to divorce, and I immediately hear God and what he says about divorce but really more of the fact that he put me with my husband for a reason and I can get through this.

Especially when my husband and I argue in front of our 2 toddler boys, I can hear God telling me to calm down and that he loves me and he is there for my family and we will get through this. The thing I learned about Jonah this week that I found interesting was how he ran away from God and pretty much what God was calling him to do and I think sometimes I do that. I think we have to consider what we look to when troubles come to find out what our anchors are.

I think to make God our anchor involves putting him first our lives. Taking time to spend in prayer and Bible study, building our relationship with him. I try to not worry, but sometimes I feel as though not worrying, not thinking about the problem is only ignoring it and a coping mechanism rather than trusting the Lord.

Definitely our call to ministry. It took seven years for my husband and I to surrender to the call. We ran from it but during our running the Lord put us in churches where we grew spiritually. Jonah ran but God gave him another chance. God calmed the storm, none of the crew died and they praised Him for sparing them. Nineveh repented and God relented.

I see myself in all three. No matter how many times I fail, when I return to the Lord He extends his grace and mercy to me. I know my anchor is God, it has to be!!! I sometimes journal to God also to help me process, slow down and think. I get anxious occasionally, and then I have to get my focus back to where it needs to be — on God!! He took me back to my childhood in order to bring me forward into my now.

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He has shown me how really valuable I am to Him and to myself.