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I loved them all. They are all going need to come together as a fighting unit when it comes down to the finally showdown, or maybe sooner. In my opinion the confrontation was bigger than the first one and just as good. I can't wait for more. May 31, Cornerofmadness rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , lgbt. I got this via Netgalley which in no way influenced my review. I didn't realize at the time it was book two in the series but there was plenty of backstory so I didn't feel lost.

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It's a lot like Supernatural only with lovers and instead of hunting demons they're after witches who perform human sacrifice to give themselves a sort of immortality. With that in mind his disciples have been killing the I got this via Netgalley which in no way influenced my review. With that in mind his disciples have been killing the first born sons of the posses for decades.

Seth should have been killed but they got his brother Jesse instead and last book he saved his now-lover Evan from the same fate. Seth and Evan are now in Pittsburgh hence the titular rivers on the trail of the next disciple under the guise of being true crime writers interested in the New Castle murder swamp killer which stunned me because I'm from the Pittsburgh area and researched the Cleveland torso killer story which some have tried to link to this but never came across this and it is a real thing.

They easily locate the next intended victim but finding the warlock is a lot harder. I like that they are helping each other with a great deal of PTSD Seth from seeing his brother's murder plus being a soldier earlier in his life, Evan because of a highly abusive relationship that he's been on the run from for a couple of years and that Seth is training Evan to fight and to use some good magic so he's not cast into the 'damsal in distress' role. There's plenty of action and Pittsburgh and its environs is almost like a character itself which I loved.

I liked Seth and Evan and the introduction of a few new hunters. Fans of UF want more of that. Would I get the next book? Would I go back and read book one that I missed? Honestly no. There is SO much of what happened there repeated in this that I feel like I know that whole story. Maybe it is a bit too much. I wasn't a huge fan of how much they say I love you. That's a me thing. It always sort of bugs me if they're constantly dropping the I love yous.

What isn't a 'me thing' was one problem I had with the story that almost cost it a star and maybe should have but it's a spoiler so let me cut it view spoiler [ At one point Evan is kidnapped with the back window shot out of the car. Seth and the two new hunters have seen the scene, know there's a bullet in the car, see the two sets of footprints and realize that an attack has taken place. Well Evan has been taken by his abusive ex and the ex sends a break up text to Seth.

He follows it up with an old sex tape recording he took in secret of him and Evan. And we get pages of Seth angsting over this and trying to figure out why Evan would do this. But Brice made what is to me an error in plotting. If Brice had put this before Seth found the car it would have had the impact they planned on. But putting it in the story after they found the car and know Evan was kidnapped makes no sense. Why is Seth even considering it's real?


It takes several pages for him to go 'oh wait, but Evan was taken,' and even then he still keeps going back to that in his mind. For me it mad no sense and didn't work and made me think Seth was kind of stupid. Nov 01, Anne Barwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m , wish-list-print-copy , ebook. Dark Rivers is a great addition to her Witchbane series. The author writes a fabulous, edge-of-seat action scene, and I had to keep reading to make sure spoiler was okay. I loved the addition of new characters to this story and in particular Travis and Brent who are the MCs from a forthcoming new series.

It was great having a wider team come together to face off against the bad guy, with each man bringing his own skill set to the table. Series which are a part of a bigger universe and interconnect have always been a big draw card for me, and I had a few squee moments when one of my other favourites had a cameo. I also thought it gave the story and the characters an edge of realism that they both still suffer from PTSD because of their past experiences.

This story really showed how far Evan, in particular, has come since he was first introduced to the world of monster hunter, and I loved that way he used his newly developed skills.

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Very nicely done! Another thing I appreciate about these guys is that they do their research, and that always includes a library. The city of Pittsburgh felt like a character of its own in this story, and I enjoyed all the references to different places, together with their history.

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It gave a fabulous sense of the story being part of wider world, and as always the world building and magic comes across as detailed, well thought-out, and thoroughly researched. Kale Williams does get the emotion through and he brings the characters to life and his Seth comes through strong but Evan Maybe it's because of the characters attitude and his constant back and forth. I'll be writing 1 review for Witchbane , Burn and Dark Rivers and repeating to the each book's page 'cos I listened to them back to back and the plots in my head are all intertwined.

In the Witchbane series we follow Se 3 stars for story and narration.

In the Witchbane series we follow Seth and Evan and if I understood correctly maybe some new characters from the 3rd book onwards? Evan was the first descendant Seth saved and maybe because of circumstances they dropped the L-bomb pretty quickly. Evan had a really nice tendency of TSTL and both of them went on doing one stupid thing after another, making stupid decisions aplenty. That was kinda fixed by the 2nd book but the 1 and 1. The inner monologues and the repetition of facts already given were a bit tiring as well as the highs in the story and then the falling flats.

In the 2nd book there were a lot of new characters added from the midway point and I kinda lost the ball there especially since there are 2 characters with similar names Brent and Brett or something , and the narration didn't really help, but I'm curious to see how it'll play out in the next book. I like the series and their supernatural aspect that's why I'll continue listening to them even though I don't love them.

I enjoyed this one - so far, out of the 3 books released, this one was my favorite. There seemed to be a delightful increase in dry wit. I do know that Badlands series cross over a teensy bit. There was still a possible over- I enjoyed this one - so far, out of the 3 books released, this one was my favorite. There was still a possible over-abundance of sex, as with the first couple books, but the pacing with that was better, with a lot more going on in between to temper their over-active hormones. And all of this didn't affect general characterization or suspense, but as with the previous two books, I sometimes felt like the story could've been made better with more time spent in between each mission.

All in all, I am looking forward to the next installment, despite my little quirky caveats. Nov 07, Angie rated it really liked it. Witches, Magic, and Mystery meet in this MM romance with a chosen family theme 3. This book is a continuation of where book 1 left off and continues to follow Evan and Seth through more hunting and relationship adventures.

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This was a good book. I would say it was better than book 1. The author took the criticism of book 1 having too much sexy ti Witches, Magic, and Mystery meet in this MM romance with a chosen family theme 3. The author took the criticism of book 1 having too much sexy time and paired it down in book 2.

I worried about all the witch hunting being a series because that would be 12 books with a very similar pattern. This book was similar to book 1 in that there was a target that needed protecting and info gathering to find out who done it before it was too late. I felt that while some things were similar to book 1 this broadened our information about other hunters and filled us in a tiny bit more on the world and what paranormal beasts reside in it.

I felt the book had more magical moments which were nice. I liked to see that Evan has found a role in the hunting team.

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  • I like that they found friendship through their struggles. I also like to see progress in tying up older plot points- getting rid of loose ends- literally. Overall, it was a good book. I am interested to see how the author changes up the format of these stories to keep the interest through 12 disciples. Maybe some of them will be off page adventures? Either way, I am intrigued and look forward to the next adventure.

    Apr 14, D A rated it it was ok Shelves: t-paranormal-fantasy , o-mm , a-misc-author-a-f , f-ebook-net-galley. Alas, some of the issues I had with book 1 continued with book 2 -- the pace was slow and couldn't "connect" with the main characters. I still like the premise in general -- the 2 traveling to stop the evil disciples, knowing who the next victim is and who the disciple, if not his current personna, creating a bit of mystery and suspense elements to the story. While there were good points to the book, overall it just fell flat for me.

    Jan 28, Leslie rated it liked it. I received this book free as an ARC reader for voluntary review. Synopsis: After Seth saved Even from a murderous warlock trying to sacrifice him for immortality book 1 the two new lovers head for Pittsburgh to save another would-be victim.

    They meet another pair of demon hunters and team up to bring the warlock down. Meanwhile, Even deals with an abusive, stalking ex. It relies heavily on events from the first book and the author spends a lot of time telling you what happened. The action moves quickly and while there is not much character development, they do have complex back stories that add a layer of depth to the plot.