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And while they play a lot like the rest of the game, players can go rogue and turn on their fellow agents in the Dark Zones. You can enter a Dark Zone by either climbing over broken walls these cannot be used to exit, however or by going through a safe room. Rather than one giant Dark Zone, The Division 2 has three smaller danger areas. Each one is designed to play different from the next. Here are the descriptions of all the Dark Zones from Ubisoft:. Since the battlefields are smaller, Ubisoft has reduced the maximum Dark Zone player count from 24 to This should in theory create a more consistent experience with a denser player population.

The Dark Zone differs from the base game in that high-level loot is contaminated and must be extracted and cleansed to be used. At which point you need to rush back to retrieve it before someone else does. You need helicopter extraction to keep the loot. This involves shooting up a flare that notifies all agents in the Dark Zone that a helicopter is incoming.

The Division 2 Dark Zone

You also need to hold your position while both AI and potentially unfriendly players come to steal your loot. Senait is an all-new Dark Zone operator in the base of operations for each area. He provides a new menu where you can navigate the new Dark Zone perks.

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You earn a new bonus every five Dark Zone levels. Ubisoft promises that these perks are not power-based, but that they improve your experience based on your playstyle. Ubisoft has made a few changes to how extractions work in The Division 2. In the first game, loot was rolled the second it was dropped.

The Division 2: How to unlock the Dark Zone and what level players should be

If a low-level player caused it to drop, it was of little-to-no value to high-level players. Equipment rolls now occur during extraction, so no matter who causes the loot to drop, the stats will be based on whoever successfully decontaminates it. This means that extremely powerful players will be brought down to an equal playing field, while newcomers will be buffed up to stand a chance. This normalization happens during matchmaking.

The Dark Zone The Dark Zone

There are three buckets for all players with levels one through 30 broken up into thirds , , etc. To help new players, Ubisoft has added checkpoints around spawn areas and entry points to protect any stand-up agents that are around. These locations are guarded by turrets which will fire on any AI or Rogue agents that poke around. Becoming a Rogue Agent used to be black and white.


But now there are multiple tiers of going rogue. Rogue — A regular Rogue Agent takes advantage of the situation by resorting to theft. This hidden safe area moves around the Dark Zone periodically and houses special vendors. Non-Rogue agents can kill Disavowed Agents to claim a bounty.

The Division 2 Dark Zone and Rogue Guide

At any given time, there will be three random terminals active in the Dark Zone. Those who like to live dangerously can instead opt to use the terminal to increase their notoriety. This gives better potential rewards, but requires you go to one of the two remaining terminals to cash in. Those in Manhunt status can see exactly where each terminal is. Dark Zone chests are dropped by large groups of enemies.


There were previously three different kinds. Instead, they separate the player base by your overall level. The World Tier bracket is fairly unforgiving though, as those in World Tier 1 the start of the endgame likely have gear that is roughly half as powerful as those in World Tier 4.

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  • To combat the imbalance, the Dark Zones normalize gear stats for weapons and armor for PvP encounters. Normalization changes your armor and DMG stats but your perks, skills, and other innate attributes such as Talents and Brand Set bonuses are unaffected. Essentially, more powerful gear has better bonus stats, so those with higher quality stuff will still have a not so insignificant advantage in the Dark Zones.

    You can check your normalized stats versus standard stats in the character menu by pressing L3. If you enter an Occupied Dark Zone, do so at your own risk. Gear normalization is turned off entirely and, on top of that, friendly fire is on automatically. Players who have made the grind towards the level cap have a significant advantage in Occupied Dark Zones.

    The Dark Zone has a separate leveling system that feeds into its perks system. Each time you advance five levels progression is quicker than it is in the main game , up to four new perks will become available from the Dark Zone Officer in the White House. As of now, the Dark Zone level cap is 50, which equates to 11 tiers of perks.

    Perks range from gear find bonuses to Rogue cooldown bonuses to quicker extraction times and more. Killing AI controlled enemies earns you experience just like in the main game. You can earn huge chunks of experience by discovering and clearing landmarks, designed locations that yield loot but are swarming with enemies. Not every piece of gear you find in the Dark Zones will need to be extracted, but like the first game, much of what you find will be contaminated. You cannot bring this gear out on your own for some reason.

    Dark Zone East

    Instead, you need to call in a chopper to extract the gear. Each Dark Zone has two extraction points, both of which can be triggered concurrently. You can either just go for it and trigger the extraction yourself or sit back and wait.