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Anytime a herald of the demon queen takes piercing or slashing damage, its wounds create a terrifying cacophony equivalent to its bay ability. Creatures within 10 feet of it take a —4 penalty on their saves against this effect. Having witnessed the most profane atrocities committed, the eyes of the heralds of the demon queen burn as smoldering coals.

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Now this ancient monstrosity sees only worlds undone and endless ruinous visions of reality. The heralds of the demon queen stand 14 feet tall and weigh over 1, pounds.

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Subscribe to the Open Gaming Newsletter! Soul Scream Su Anytime a herald of the demon queen takes piercing or slashing damage, its wounds create a terrifying cacophony equivalent to its bay ability. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Xiang Ye: "But don't worry, you have me. I'll bring you back to your tribe, defeat the betrayer, and make you leader once again. Xiang Ye : "Today, I will prove to all of you that forging can be used to counter-attack! And I!

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Xiang Ye : "I originally intended to go easy on your donkey ass. But it turns out you've taken a shine on my WIFE!

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I'm telling you now Isabella : "Hmph! You may have absolutely no talent and are totally useless, but you're pretty good at making friends. Isabella Osa. Alex "Eli" Ayr.

Knight of the Demon Queen

Wakiri Nainai. Yuri Aisha. The Twin Sisters. General and Moss Feili. The guy riding me?

He's my servant, not the other-way around. Tols Rennes. Rennes : "There are three reasons as to why you have to die Firstly, you disrespected my authority as a prince and mocked my status! Secondly, you imitated my abilities, with the intention to declare battle! Scum like you aren't suited to be with an outstanding girl like Yi Bei. The Tols Siblings. As a whole: Aristocrats Are Evil : Royalty, due to being the son of the regent, by blood, and treat all non-royals with contempt, on a good day, unless said non-royal has permission to smack them around.

The more power they pump into their "dragon" forms, the uglier, and more inhuman-looking, they get. The Bully : They love to throw their weight around. Card-Carrying Villain : They brag and boast of their villainy, but if they get called out on it, they attempt to carry out bloody vengeance. Evil Redhead : Red hair, and even more despicable than their father, who is a genocidal warlord. Hate Sink : They are so detestable, Tols Angus, a genocidal warlord, and their own father , has to resort to credible death-treats to keep them in line. Everybody else would throw a party if said threats were carried out.

The Demon Queen and The Locksmith

In the Blood : They all are part-dragon, per an oath The Regent signed with the king of the Dragon tribe, just like the Regent is part dragon as his parents did the same. Jerkass Victim : The only ones to have any tears concerning what happens to them in the second half of the tournament? Each other.

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Miles Gloriosus : They prance around, boasting of being the best fighters, ever. In reality, they can't win a fair fight, ever, and flee like craven cowards the moment they face a genuine threat. Moral Myopia : They go around making death threats and attacking with lethal force? Perfectly okay.