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The Blue House at the End of the World. Read more about the space.


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I love to be on the road, visit my loved "Schleswig Holstein", walk in the forest, or beach. During the summer time St. Petersburg is a great place to be. Bobby moves in, and the three create their own household. Although Jonathan is openly gay and highly promiscuous , he is deeply committed to Clare and the two have tentatively planned to have a baby.

Clare seduces and starts a relationship with Bobby, and she eventually becomes pregnant by him. Their romance occasionally is disrupted by sparks of jealousy between the two men until Jonathan, tired of being the third wheel, disappears without warning.

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He re-enters their lives when his father Ned dies and Bobby and Clare travel to Phoenix, Arizona for the services. The three take Ned's car back east with them, and they impulsively decide to buy a house near Woodstock, New York , where Bobby and Jonathan open and operate a cafe while Clare raises her daughter. Jonathan discovers what appears to be a Kaposi's sarcoma lesion on his groin and, although Bobby tries to convince him it's simply a bruise, others soon appear.

Clare begins to feel left out, seeing the close relationship Jonathan and Bobby share. One day, she takes the baby for what ostensibly is a brief visit to her mother in Philadelphia , but Bobby and Jonathan accurately suspect she has no intention of returning and Bobby decides to care for Jonathan during his last days.

House at the End of the World

On a cold winter day some months later, Bobby and Jonathan scatter Ned's ashes in the field behind their home, and Jonathan who now visibly appears to be ill lets Bobby know he would like his own ashes scattered in the same place, following his now inevitable early death from AIDS. Cunningham can carry elusive, complex emotions on the current of his lovely, intelligent prose.

A screenwriter, though, is more tightly bound to conventions of chronology and perspective, and in parceling his story into discrete scenes, Mr. Cunningham has turned a delicate novel into a bland and clumsy film. The actors do what they can to import some of the texture of life into a project that is overly preoccupied with the idea of life, but the mannered self-consciousness of the script and the direction keeps flattening them into types.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote, "The movie exists outside our expectations for such stories. Nothing about it is conventional. The three-member household is puzzling not only to us, but to its members. We expect conflict, resolution, an ending happy or sad, but what we get is mostly life, muddling through.

Colin Farrell is astonishing in the movie, not least because the character is such a departure from everything he has done before.

We also have a movie about what it was like to be a child in the late s, a teenager in the mids and a young adult in the early s. In these aspects, the film is sensitive, sociologically accurate and emotionally true.


But the picture is also the story of one character in particular, Bobby, and when it comes to Bobby, A Home at the End of the World is sappy and bogus. His speech is tentative but true. His eyes are darting but soulful. The effort is there, but it's a performance you end up rooting for rather than enjoying, because there's no way to just relax and watch. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded the film three out of four stars, calling it "funny and heartfelt" and "a small treasure.

David Rooney of Variety called the film "emotionally rich drama" "driven by soulful performances.