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Of course not! Getting rid of bad energy and setting boundaries with spirit. A SpeakPipe message from Erin. Learn more about Marilyn Painter at PsychicQuests. Instead, use white light, sea salt, quince seeds, smudging, or blessings. Hughes created a spell to bind Donald Trump. Witches and magic practitioners jumped on board, the mass media took notice, and it went viral internationally.

Trump is still in power, so what is the plan looking forward? Looking back, what has worked and what has failed? The very first Bind Trump Ritual. Twitter: MichaelMHughes. Lacey has a background in Veterinary Medicine, and working with service animals helped her to realize the power in non-verbal communication.

Working with animals led to an interest in the paranormal. Lacey quit her day job to follow her passion! An interesting conversation about politics and being able to work with folks from all sides of the political spectrum. Pet peeves of paranormal tourism including a lack of ethics and a lack of standardization. Lacey has strong opinions on how to communicate with spirits and what not to do. Also, cultural sensitivity in the paranormal field. Twitter: HauntedSTL. Listeners respond to episode where Patrick discusses comedian John Oliver's rant on psychic mediums.

Plus the debut appearance of Dajon, our new 8-year-old book reviewer, on assignment with a review of the new series, Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol. Jeanette, an awesome listener, called the hotline and shared her thoughts about our recent John Oliver episode. A conversation with International Spiritual Medium, Barrie John, on topics such as the Ouija board, his supportive upbringing, the loss of beloved pets, the use of cards in mediumship, his work with trance and physical mediumship, health of the mind body and spirit, contacting deceased loved ones, and dealing with attachments, among other topics.

Barrie recently got to hang out with our friend and popular Big Seance guest, Karen A. They were sharing and teaching others about the Ouija board. Barrie was brought up in a supportive family that was very open to mediumship and spirit communication. Trouble connecting with deceased family members when communicating with strangers on the other side seems to come easy Are psychics offended? Were you offended? Should we be?

Does he have valid points? I'd love to know your thoughts. A recent rant by John Oliver offended your host, Patrick Keller. Was he right to be offended? Are some of the points valid? Send Patrick your feedback! How did this segment make YOU feel?

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An Alchemical Way to Overcoming Death, Loss, Divorce and Grieving - BINGE Networks

Are you a believer? In the middle? Visit GrangerHouseMuseum. A brief interview of previous guest, Corey Schjoth of Phantasmagoria Photography.

See a Problem?

Check out a full interview with Corey in episode For more on Corey, visit PhantasmagoriaPhoto. A fascinating discussion with Richard Estep on paranormal experiences and hauntings from hospital hallways, operating rooms, and ambulance rides. You'll hear some great bonus discussions on haunted schools, the fear of death, and why staircases fascinate us! Can you help a friend subscribe to the show? Or maybe share an episode with a friend? Welcome back, Richard Estep! Richard sends Patrick this photo of a staircase. He is shocked and chilled to learn it is a staircase from the haunted Fox Hollow house!

It reminded Patrick of his experience of being violently shaken in bed by a hand that later disappeared. When your career involves working with death so regularly, how do medical professionals leave work at work? Richard Estep on Facebook. A voicemail and a question from Meredith. Sharon asks about the Patreon for Big Seance Podcast!

Check out Patreon. This episode is still sparking some great discussion. A fun conversation with Amber Choisella, who is a psychic medium, therapist, and a spiritual development mentor. Log In.

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Forgot account? Not Now. About August Goforth and The Risen. August Goforth, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also a spirit m Community See All. About See All. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. THE RISEN is a beautifully orchestrated book that contains deep wisdom and universal insight that is waiting to read you, but it will require your openness and attention - and you must allow it to turn your pages as required!

Posted with permission by August Goforth. One of the hardest things I find about this 'earthly sojourn' - is the constant requirement for life to be lived between the constant tensions of egocentricity and Universal Truth. It seems to be an ongoing incessant 'tug of war' between the forming and letting go of personal attachments - and that greater truth that constantly lies illusively just out of our physical grasp.

This can be a frustrating existence, for after one has the ego courage to leave the security of the shore and commence "swimming" - one can never again 'return to the shore' again in this life. For language's sake, we use the term "astral-etheric" body ies to signify their integration within the material body.

The Risen Dialogues

One of these grows to become the new material body in the astral - we could call this the astral body. The other, which is more like a medium for the astral to grow in like a Petri dish of agar , we could call etheric, and is initially more subtle and transient, and eventually dissipates as the astral grows.

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The astral body needs much attention and tending, if we want to have a healthy "birth" into our new world. Earthbound spirits seldom have a well-formed astral body, and have, most likely developed emotional attachments to things, people, places, events of enough intensity to "crystallize" what's left of the etheric substance, which appears to get "enmeshed," through resonance with similar emotional content of the aforementioned items. They're basically tethered to the earth, and it usually takes an outside intervention, such as prayer, or helpers in Spirit, to dissolve the crystallized etheric substance and free them to bring them to the next closest level that their poorly formed astral body can tolerate; and from there, to the next, and so on They are attracted to and mimic lower vibrational aspects of humanity around them.

They are most successful at making their presences known through an Ouija board, and sometimes through automatic handwriting, table tipping, and rappings. People with traumatized psyches, whose brains are disabled by organic disease, by various substances, or by conditions labelled as mental illness may also be susceptible to the invasive efforts of these discarded constructs, for short- and long-term periods. The turning point for me came when I dared myself to implement the lessons in this book in my own practice—and they worked.